Listen to the news

The following links deal with the news. Of course, you are free to choose what you want to listen to. These websites are just advisory.
We just encourage you to listen to varied English accents as regularly as possible. 1'00" everyday is better than 10'00" every month.

* The news for teens by the BBC, UK of course! Articles can complete the video newsreport. The accents are varied but all from the UK.

* The news by CNN, US... You can also have subtitles in English and/or check your understanding with the transcripts available below the screen:

* The news by Behind the News, Australia

* The news by CTV, Canada

* The news by ENCA, South Africa

* The news by IBN, India. Choose "live TV" to watch & listen.

* You can also register to "Englishcentral", an online learning site with many different topics and a free video regularly.