Thursday, 29 April 2021

Australian history in pictures - Term LLCER

Fait avec Padlet

Another vision of Australia in the early days of colonisation - Term LLCER

This is the trailer we watched in class today.
Which perception of Australia at the beginning of colonisation is given here?

Don't forget that I now expect you to go further. Use the questions given in class to comment upon this document.

Work well! :)

British Australia in movies - Term LLCER

Watch each extract given and prepare each of them according to the following questions:

  1. What type of extract is it?
  2. What story can you imagine? (deduce from what you see)
  3. What genre is it?
  4. Which point of view are you given to see?
  5. Is the extract connected to Australia? Is it obvious or not? Which other country could it allude to as well?
  6. Which theme(s) would you connect this extract with? Why?
After having watched all the extracts, conclude: which one would you fancy seeing in full? Why?

Enjoyyyyy! :)