Friday, 18 December 2020

Training Practise - Listening & Branching Out - BTS-CI2

This video was given for the exam last year.

Please, proceed as if it were your exam.

=> watch/listen X2 (2 minutes/break in between)
=> when done, work with your notes for 30 minutes in order to prepare:
  1. your account in French (5min max)
  2. your branching out (5 min max)
  3. the interview
Of course, what I expect you to prepare more intensively is the branching out. Indeed, it's not easy but remember, it's also what is going to bonify your expertise.

To do so, you must find a topic connected to what you've seen on the video but without repeating your account. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • what topic can I relate this video to?
  • which arguments can I use? 
  • examples? (use your past lessons of course)
  • conclude with your opinion
Your preparation should give birth to a structured outline that will help you present your point in autonomy for 5 minutes. Don't hesitate to record yourself and swap with your friends to get some feedback. I will listen to some of you after the holidays.

Take care & work well :)

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

The Big Chop or Starting Anew - Term LLCER

Here is the video we started watching in class.

How can you relate it to what is being discussed in class?

What strikes you? Why?

What does "HAIR" symbolise? Why?

Be able to explain it next class.

Work well!

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Listening - Practise: What is Michelle Obama talking about?

Watch & listen to the following video attentively.

Take a maximum of notes and be able to introduce the document.

What is Michelle Obama talking about?

Work well.

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Child Labour - BTS-CI2

 Here is the video we began watching last lesson. 

Watch it again attentively and fill in the answer sheet.

Make sure that you'll be able to introduce this document next lesson.

Work well!

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Diversity & inclusion in the workplace - A campaign by the American firm Dupont * 1ère STMG

Here is the video we began listening to in class.

Watch it again (& again if necessary) and complete the synthesis (worksheet).

Work well! ☺

Thursday, 5 November 2020

12 Angry Men - Some key passages - Term LLCER

Here are some key passages for you to study.

Using the elements given in your worksheets, watch the extracts assigned to you attentively and be able to analyse them.

=> To what extent can this courtroom drama influence the viewers?

Extract 1 - Ballot 1

Extract 2 - Ballot 2

Extract 3 - The knife

Extract 4 - Reenactment Scene

The Old Man Walking

Extract 5 - Reenactment Scenes

The Forgotten Alibi + The Stabbing Wound

Extract 6 - Juror 3's first monologue

Exract 7 - Juror 3's final monologue

Extract 8 - Juror 10's monologue

Sunday, 1 November 2020

The issue of gender equality in businesses - 1ère STMG

For next ETLV session, watch the following video and collect the data given.

Be able to explain:

- why it is better if women work.

- what the role of eduction is in this topic.

- the problems women must still face at the moment.

Take notes and/or copy down the information given in the video.

Work well!

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

What is the glass ceiling? - 1ère STMG

Watch the following video and react to it.

In class, I will ask you to introduce it, give me the major idea(s) and tell me about your reaction.

Do you understand what the glass ceiling is?

Work well!

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Brexit Fears * Video BTS-CI2

Hello everyone,

Here is the video we watched in class. Watch it again and enrich your notes.

You must be able to:

* introduce this document (type of doc, title, sources, main topic) ;

* recap the main ideas ;

* conclude: you can express your opinion here and justify it.

Work well!


Thursday, 30 April 2020

Do you like dictations? Do you like poems? Then, it's for you! - 2nde2

A new type of activity for you guys...

Here is a dark mysterious poem... but the only solution to know what it is about is to LISTEN to it and TYPE what you HEAR!

I divided the poem into 6 parts.

Take your time to do the activity. You just need earphones and practise typing.

When it is finished, compare what you typed with the final version of the poem.


A famous manager... in fiction! - 1ère STMG1

To prepare our virtual class next week, here is a video to watch attentively.

-> What happens?

-> Who are the 2 women? What are their connections?

-> What would be your reaction if you were the young woman?

Enjoy! 😊

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Managers & Styles of Management - Vocabulary & Listening - 1ère STMG1

Here is a new type of crosswords.

To find the answers, you must listen to each definition attentively. The answers are in your vocabulary list that you classified last time. There are 12 words to find: 6 verbs + 6 adjectives. They are all about managers and styles of management.

Revise well!

Friday, 24 April 2020

Managers: actions & behaviours - Vocab - 1ère STMG1

This activity will help you identify the vocabulary we used in our sequence on Management styles. The words are given either in British English or in American English.

What must you do? It is simple. Just type what you hear. You can repeat the lists as many times as you want. You just have to type a maximum of words to get a top score.

List 1 - 14 words
List 2 - 14 words
List 3 - 15 words
List 4 - 17 words

All these words come from our sequence. They are in your activities and in your notebook.

When you have passed this activity with a top score, just classify the words of the lists in your recap sheet (cf. Pronote)

Work well 😊

Thursday, 23 April 2020

The Field - Speaking - 2nde 2

First, watch and enjoy this suspenseful video! 😊

Then, for next week's virtual class, prepare your speaking (notes are possible but try to practise first):
  • introduce the video (remember, we did "introductions" in class)
  • tell me the story (protagonists? description? place? actions? atmosphere? why?)
  • imagine the end and justify
  • effects on you? Do you like it? Why/Why not?

An activity about vocabulary is given in Pronote. It will help you speak about this video. You will need to work on this WordCloud:

Work well 👍

Monday, 23 March 2020

A leader in fiction or in reality - Nelson Mandela - 1ère STMG 1

If the video doesn't appear in "Exercices & Evaluations", have a look at it here and do the questions on the application of the ENT.

Work well & take care!

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Hitchcock's definition of suspense - 2nde 2

Watch and listen to this extract again.

From 0'00'' to 1'03'' : Hitchcock speaks about the difference between suspense movies and visual movies. What is it? (recap)

From 1'03'' to the end : You have 2 examples for the same bomb scene. Answer the following questions:

a) The suspense scene comes         ° first            ° second
b) The suspense scene is                ° longer         ° shorter                               than the visual scene.
c) Give minimum 3 ingredients for a suspense scene:
                   - ...................................
                   - ...................................
                   - ...................................
                   - ...................................

Friday, 7 February 2020

New York, New Yooooooooork!!! - Song - Listening - 2nde 2

Listen to the song below.

You must follow the lyrics on the worksheet I gave in class, fill in the gaps and prepare your presentation of the song (speaking)


Thursday, 16 January 2020

Listening - Imagining the future of cities - 2nde

Listen to the following document (we began watching it in class so you already have ideas about its topic :)). Take a maximum of notes and classify them in your copybook (the categories were given in class).

You can repeat the document many times if necessary.

Work well!

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

2011 - 2020, to what extent has the situation changed? - BTS-CI2

Here is the awareness campaign we watched in class. Work upon the statistics and refresh them with your own research.

=> present this document and the issue it tackles next class.

When finished, complete your overview of this issue with Tracy Chapman's song, Woman's Work. Listen to it carefully and follow the guidelines given in class.

Enjoy & work well! :)