If you need some help, the web is full of solutions! Here are a few links to great sites where you can find your answers. If you can't, don't forget we might give you a hand in class too! :)

Thousands of documents (videos, listenings) at your disposal to practise your listening skills. Just select the topic you're interested in and the accent of the speakers.
Many documents to listen to. Less authentic though but good for practice.
Simply excellent. Videos & subtitles in English. It makes you learn new vocab AND practise it. Great for listening AND improving your pronunciation.
The BBC is really a mine for ESL learners (English as a Second Language). Here are reports (audio & video) with scripts & vocabulary exercises. The advantage of this site is that every topic is news-related!
Quite well done too, many podcasts and some activities to practise your listening skills.

Speaking / Pronunciation
Just type in the word you hesitate on and you can hear it.
Just brilliant! Click on "Victor" and a window will open. Now select the type of accent you want to hear, the gender of the speaker AND type in your sentence(s). Listen to it and practise!

Writing / Revising basics
Of course, there are thousands of websites dedicated to English learning... This one is simple and quite complete. It enables you to revise basics, remedy recurrent mistakes... etc.
Quite well done too and made for English learners. To be practised!
From the same source but funkier and complete! For teens... so for you!

This is THE reference when you need to find some vocabulary, THE dictionary. Far better than Google translator which, really, should be banished!!!
Do you want to enrich your vocab and banish "good", "bad", "terrible", "interested", "important" and many more ordinary words? This site is for you, just choose the most appropriate synonym and use it.

Revise the most common verbs in English: the irregular ones! Honestly, knowing these irregular verbs will help you loads to understand anything... so get started, memorise them and finally, play with them well! :)

  1. (step by step, simple and clear)
  2. (with the sounds, quite useful)

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